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2016 Principals Resolutions
April 4, 2022

2016 Principals Resolutions

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2016 Principals Resolutions

To kick off 2016 we asked the three Principals at 33 to shed light on their New Year’s resolutions. Yes, we realize resolution-focused articles are overdone, but thinking most people are back to their old habits by mid-January we thought this could serve as a friendly reminder to stick to those resolutions that some may or may not have been made in a haze of confetti and champagne.


Drew copy

As Drew approaches the real estate market this year, with an energized look at the property management sector, his resolution is to “focus on what matters.” According to Drew “This may sound ambiguous, but is an invaluable tactic. As we continue our focus to ease the minds and add to the wallets of our clients, we must be diligent to stay on top of all trends and issues in the market place.” Technology is an important tool when optimizing the property management practice at 33. Our ability to rely on technology such as automated rent collection and maintenance request tools can help cut down on costs and response time. 33 plans to stay on the cutting edge to ensure clients’ dollars are maximized and management issues mitigated efficiently.

On Drew’s personal list: “Don’t let the fun of real estate overtake your life work balance.”  With a couple ski and dive trips in the books, Drew is well on his way to this personal goal.


Susan copy

Susan states “Each decision I make I want to continue to consider – what is the end goal? From my experience, real estate requires someone that can strategically think on a clients’ behalf, not just about the annual cash flow, but about the end game. Are we selling in five years? Are we looking to apply for zoning changes to alter the course of the asset? What construction recommendations would add ROI and when should those be done? Clients get excited and it is our job to ensure they think about each investment as a part of their net worth and within their life plan.”

On Susan’s personal list: “Spend more time in the sunshine when it is finally out again.” Susan is upping the ante on this personal goal by planning a visit to a place where the sun is in abundance, South Africa!



Eric’s 2016 resolution is to “Launch a construction company that will become the preeminent source for investment-focused real estate.” Our construction company, to be officially launched with new branding in March 2016 will uniquely focus on investment projects. Providing value-add opportunities to our investors with a turnkey construction component, allows for less risk and more return for our clients. “There are a lot of options when owners need construction help. 33 will include a continued hyper-focus on how we can make our clients’ money through upgrades, overhauls and creative strategies.”

On Eric’s personal list: “Beat everyone at 33 in racquetball.” Or any athletic competition available. Any takers for a rhythmic gymnastics competition?

Written by:
Rick Storck
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