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2017 Key Stats and Closings
April 4, 2022

2017 Key Stats and Closings

33 realty
2017 Key Stats and Closings
33's 2017 Year End Closing Stats and Recap

Check out 33’s 2017 Year End Closing Stats and Recap:


apartment complex from portfolio sale

4611 & 4520 S. Drexel / Sale Price : $9,200,000 / 112 units

5.5% Cap Rate / $82k door (record setting)

Our team stays ahead of the market to assess on-going demand in their geo-targeted areas of expertise, not relying on past values.


condos that will be de-converting into rental apartments.

4700 N. Winchester / $6,475,500 / 25 units

33 represented 4700 N. Winchester Condominium Association in the sale to a private investor which will de-convert the building from condos into rental apartments.

Property sold for a pro-forma 5.5%


apartment property from add value sale-min

4520 N. Malden $4,300,000 / 34 units

Affordable asset remaining on property with short term opportunity to bring property to market rate.

Complicated transaction requiring multiple third party approvals resulted in optimal price for seller and an on-strategy hold for buyer.

Written by:
Mark Kurgan
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