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How to Design Your Office for Maximum Productivity
April 4, 2022

How to Design Your Office for Maximum Productivity

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How to Design Your Office for Maximum Productivity

Goodbye dark lighting, hello open, well-lit office spaces. One of the biggest emerging trends in the workplace has been the shift towards open office floor plans that provide a collaborative work environment. Check out 3 ways to design your Office for maximum productivity:

  1. Variety of work spaces:

    Transparency and Privacy: some offices can be ground glass, while others are totally transparent. Many options can be offered depending on the company culture. Having a variety of work spaces, that are suited for different styles and tasks, provides employees options that work best for their maximum productivity level.

    Collaborative workspaces not only leave room for office growth, it lets the team and external partners work together smoothly, even when they are on opposite sides of the space.
  2. Let there be light

    Bring the outdoors inside. Lighting is an incredible mood changer. It can completely change the atmosphere of your office space. The wrong lighting can be devastating for your productivity.

    “For me, lighting is one of the most important aspects of design. The right lighting scheme can drastically change the feeling of a space from bright & happy to dark & moody with almost no other alterations. With LED lighting coming down in price in recent years, never before have we as an industry been able fully to customize lighting schemes in such an affordable way.

    As a general rule of thumb, in healthcare and industrial occupancies we tend to use cool-white, wide-flood lamping to promote alertness and productivity. In residential it’s more common to use warm-white sources, while offices often use a mix of warm and cool to balance productivity with human comfort. Because of LED, all of these options are available to us with the check of a box on a lighting spec sheet without having to use specific types of lighting like metal halide, fluorescent or incandescent to achieve the type of desired lighting effect.

    With the advent of WiFi connected lighting systems such as Philips Hue, I think we will only continue to see enhanced customization and controllability at even more affordable price points in the very near future.”
    -Steve, Senior Project Manager with Cubed Construction
  3. Manage Clutter

    Provide storage space to eliminate clutter around the office. This will help maximize productivity for those who are distracted easily in the workplace by clutter and organization.

    We specialize in the renovation of multi-family and mixed-use buildings, formulation and execution of large capital projects and retail/office build-outs. Our mission is simple; we are dedicated to optimizing real estate value through focused construction strategies.
Written by:
Rick Storck
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