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Property Management

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33’s property management division manages a mix of commercial and residential properties throughout the Midwest. Residentially, we specialize in mid-rise luxury apartments, garden-style communities and scattered-site portfolioss.
Commercially, we manage office complexes, retail centers and light industrial buildings. Our 3500-unit managed portfolio is made up of approximately 75% residential and 25 % commercial properties with presence across the Chicago metro area, as well as metro areas in and around Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Our goals are simple: 100% occupancy, 100% satisfaction. With our experience and knowledge, you should expect nothing less.
property management in chicago

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If you’re a property owner, you probably know how demanding managing your investment can be. By enlisting the services of a reputable property management team, you can say goodbye to all the challenges most investors face when renting their properties. Here are some benefits of partnering with a property management company.
Prompt Rent Collection
Securing payments from tenants can be tedious. You can simplify things for yourself by hiring a professional property management firm. 33 Realty has tried and tested systems for prompt rent collection and smooth bank transactions. On-time rent payments are crucial to improving your cash flow.
Investment Advice
The real estate industry offers numerous opportunities for investment. However, finding the right investment opportunity can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t have in-depth knowledge of the local area. 33 Realty has been operating in Greater Chicagoland and its surrounding suburbs since 2009. We are well-versed in current industry trends and dialed into the market.
Marketing Expertise
Property management companies have vast experience when it comes to property listings and marketing. These companies know where and how to market your property for enhanced exposure. Enhanced exposure minimizes vacancies, subsequently reducing the carrying costs of a vacant property.
Property Laws and Regulations
Property managers are well-versed as far as property laws and regulations are concerned. A good property management company in Chicago will ensure you’re compliant with the latest local, state and federal laws and housing regulations. Some companies go the extra mile by defending lease agreements in court in case any legal problems arise between tenants and property owners.
Managing Tenants
Receiving emergency calls from your tenants in the middle of the night isn’t something you want. For this reason, enlisting a property management company is your surest means of preventing late-night emergency calls. Property managers act as buffers between tenants and property owners. The services also come in handy when dealing with tenant evictions.
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33 Maintenance Contact
After Hours Emergency Phone: 773-327-4975

33's Moving Concierge (OMC)
OMC is a one-call solution for managing your move. A single phone call with one of our Personal Move Concierge quickly and efficiently arranges for a moving company, sets up utilities, and changes mailing addresses.  
Phone: 877-693-4677 ext. 330
TV & Internet
Schedule installation and get exclusive promotions
Gas & Electric
Arrange set up for move in day
Set up easy, wireless security solutions
Get quotes from insured professional movers and discounts on moving truck rentals
Quickly and easily change address with the USPS
Renter's Insurance
Get quotes with customized limits and the appropriate “additional insured” for each property
Home Theater / Home Automation
Get quotes for home theater and home automation setup
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How is 33 handling renewals with the new tenant landlord laws?

33 has adjusted our renewal process to start the renewal process 130 days in advance and we are touching base with residents twice as much as before. We look at renewals on a case-by-case basis and have realized that there is no one size fits all process for renewals in the fast-moving digital age.

How are you handling collections?

We are working with tenants on a case-by-case basis and doing whatever we can to set up achievable payment plans, helping our residents obtain grants, rental assistance programs, etc. We hold the tenants accountable by making them supply proof of their financial hardships. We are starting to send tenants to evictions if we can and we have offered more cash for keys offers this year than ever before. Our years of experience and depth of regulatory knowledge allow us to creatively work with tenants to ensure all stakeholders are presented with the best options.

How will a management company help me?

We save you time, which means we save you money. We keep owners in the loop on all financial and legal issues. We act and secure the assets to stop the bleeding of cash flow. We handle tenant retention and leasing. We also stay up to date on local building code laws and fair housing laws.

How do you communicate with tenants?

We utilize technologically advanced communications processes to streamline interaction with all our clients. We have the ability to mass text, email, and or call tenants within moments of needing to send out communications to a tenant or entire tenant base.

How do tenants pay rent?

98% of our residents pay rent online. We have a free, no hassle system in place for residents to pay rent from anywhere in the world from their phones or computers.
Want your property to be successful too?

Want your property to be successful too?

Get in touch to talk about the many ways our investment brokerage team can create extraordinary experiences for you and your residents.