DeAngelo Anderson

By Genevieve Barba on August 9, 2018

DeAngelo (dee) grew up in Evanston Illinois, As early as he could remember he loved playing with blocks constructing new things and allowing his imagination to run wild. That passion only intensified as he got older so from High school he went directly to trade school and started his career as a union carpenter. His teaching on “build it to last” and “don’t walk away from a job you don’t want your name on” caused him to live by the golden rule. Starting with a Property management company in the maintenance department he continued that same mindset, through hard work and commitment to excellence it caused him to excel too many different positions in the same company in such a short time. He has knowledge of Managing, Building and tackling city code violations. Deangelo is very excited to be joining the 33 team as the lead maintenance supervisor.

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