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Born out of the 2008 housing crisis, founders, Drew & Marta Millard, a former civil engineer and mortgage broker, respectively, saw an opportunity to capitalize on one of the largest real estate downturns ever experienced in the US. Property management and leasing needs were on the rise and operators and service providers were abandoning the market rapidly. With their lucky number 33, and a lot of perseverance, they took the plunge and started the company.

Leasing and property management services organically grew into buyer and seller brokerage, distressed asset management and eventually construction. As these business lines expanded, they realized they needed partners to help them accomplish and grow the integrated real estate services model that defines 33 today.

As luck would have it, they found their unlikely matches in a former investment banker and CPA, Susan Beyler and Eric Weber. Four professionals with dramatically different backgrounds and no formal real estate training, came together to create a business model that had not yet been seen in Chicago’s real estate market. With unconventional backgrounds, a combined passion for real estate and the most exceptional real estate professionals in the industry, 33 was built to be the Foundation For Your Real Estate Success.


The owners of 33 recognized the real estate industry was delivering an underwhelming level of service considering it’s low barrier of entry. They have operated 33 under one shared vision from inception: to deliver their comprehensive suite of real estate service offerings to maximize value in real estate transactions. 33’s foundation of real estate services ensures clients make informed decisions that meet their financial goals whether they’re using just one or all five of their business lines. 33 focuses on making good relationships great and great service exceptional by modeling accountability, integrity and commitment throughout their 5 distinct business lines.

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