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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Building Out Your Office Building
November 3, 2023

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Building Out Your Office Building

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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Building Out Your Office Building

Cubed Construction’s latest project showcases its mixed-use construction capabilities. The work features a custom build-out of the first and second floors to house the operations of 33 Realty and Cubed, along with renovated 2nd floor executive suites and gut renovated luxury apartments on the top 2 floors of this 5 floor, 15,000 of building at 357 W. Chicago. We believe in investing in your own office, which is why our goal was to create a collaborative work environment that focuses on growth, to provide work-life integration, and to promote a steady work-life balance.


Own Your Office vs. Lease


Leverage your space to generate income and offset operating costs.  Leave opportunity for expansion without being burdened by long term leases and significant capital expenditures to transition into new space.  Our executive offices suites accomplish both of these objectives. The suites feature 9 executive office spaces that can be used to stage our company’s expansion, shared conference room, front desk reception area, copy room, kitchenette, and private baths.  Focus on further diversification by adding apartment product to your building.

Make It Work for Millennials in the Workspace

inside lounge area in office building

This isn’t new… Millennials have taken over. Natural light, shared space, collaborative areas, minimal closed offices.

Bring Culture to the Forefront


Our workspace provides a platform for our members to engage in their passions outside of work. Arm personnel with amenities they can enjoy together. We encourage our team members to give their two cents on what can make our office the best it can be.  Build your office with them while you build your company with them.

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