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14 Common Types of Apartments in Chicago
May 29, 2024

14 Common Types of Apartments in Chicago

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14 Common Types of Apartments in Chicago

Chicago is a vibrant and diverse city that's known for its architectural heritage and rich housing options. From historic brownstones to modern high-rises, the city offers a range of apartments to suit various lifestyles and budgets. But how can you determine which living space is best for you? Understanding these different types of apartment building options is crucial for making informed decisions when searching for a place to live. It allows you to align your preferences, needs, and budget with the most suitable housing options, ensuring a better fit.

At our Chicago property management company, our team at 33 Realty is dedicated to sharing our expertise and helping individuals navigate the apartment landscape, providing valuable insights and guidance throughout the search process.

1. Classic Chicago Brownstones

Classic Chicago Brownstones

Classic Chicago brownstones are known for their timeless charm and solid stone construction. Featuring ornate facades and stoops, these apartments offer a traditional room-by-room layout and spacious interiors. They have high ceilings and historical details, and brownstones exude historic charm and are typically found in established residential neighborhoods.

Benefits: Unique architectural features, durability, and a sense of community.
Maintenance and potential limitations on natural light.
Price range: $$-$$$

2. Loft Apartments

Loft Apartments

Loft apartment embraces an industrial aesthetic with exposed brick, timber, and open floor plans. These versatile spaces offer flexibility for creative individuals and urban dwellers. With large windows and unique apartment layouts throughout, lofts provide an urban-industrial ambiance and they're often found in former industrial areas.

Benefits: Loft apartments offer unique architectural features, durability, and a sense of community. The exposed brick and timber provide a distinct charm, while the open floor plans allow for customizable living spaces. Additionally, living in a loft often fosters a sense of community among like-minded individuals in creative or urban settings.
Maintenance is an important consideration for loft apartments, as the industrial elements may require special care. Additionally, potential limitations on natural light should be taken into account, as some loft apartments may have fewer or smaller windows compared to traditional apartments.
Price range: $$-$$$

3. High-Rise Apartment

High-rise apartments showcase sleek modern designs with glass facades and towering buildings. Offering various layouts and stunning city views, these apartments provide a range of sizes, from compact units to spacious residences. Amenities such as fitness centers, rooftop terraces, and 24/7 security enhance the urban lifestyle in downtown and urban centers.

Benefits: Impressive aesthetics, diverse layouts, and convenient amenities.
Maintenance complexity and elevator congestion.
Price range: $$$-$$$$

4. Mid-Rise Apartment

Mid-Rise Apartment

Mid-rise apartments are situated in buildings with a moderate number of floors, striking a balance between low-rise and high-rise living. With typically fewer units compared to high-rises, mid-rise apartments offer a more intimate community while still providing some of the amenities and conveniences associated with vertical living. They often feature a mix of apartment sizes and layouts, helping cater to a range of preferences and lifestyles. Mid-rise apartments are popular choices if you're seeking a balance between community and urban living space and amenities.

Benefits: Intimate community, convenient amenities, and a range of apartment sizes.
Moderate maintenance complexity and potential elevator congestion.
Price range: $-$$

5. Low-Rise Apartment

 Low-Rise Apartment

Low-rise apartments are typically found in buildings with a limited number of floors, offering a more intimate and community-oriented living experience. These apartments often feature shared outdoor spaces, such as courtyards or gardens, creating a suburban-like feel within an urban setting. If you're seeking a quieter living environment, low-rise apartments provide a sense of privacy and tranquility.

Benefits: Community-oriented, shared outdoor spaces, and a suburban-like feel in an urban setting.
Limited availability and potential for noise from neighboring units.
Price range: $-$$

6. Vintage Walk-Up Apartments

Vintage Walk-Up Apartments

A vintage walk-up apartment boasts charming exteriors and shared stoops, evoking a sense of community. Inside, cozy room layouts and historic molding create a welcoming atmosphere. These apartments are typically found in residential neighborhoods, offering a community feel and convenient access to neighborhood amenities.

Benefits: Charming exteriors, shared stoops, and a welcoming atmosphere with cozy room layouts and historic molding.
Potential maintenance and limited modern amenities.
Price range: $-$$

7. Modern Luxury Apartments

Modern Luxury Apartments

Modern luxury apartments feature sleek and contemporary designs with upscale finishes and premium features. Located in prime urban locations, these apartments provide spacious layouts and access to extensive upscale amenities. From fitness centers to rooftop terraces and concierge services, a modern luxury apartment building offers a convenient and upscale lifestyle.

Benefits: Upscale finishes, spacious layouts, and access to extensive upscale amenities.
Higher rental or purchase costs and potential for less character compared to older buildings.
Price range: $$$-$$$$

8. Garden Apartments

Garden Apartments

A garden apartment offers a suburban-like feel within the city. With shared outdoor spaces and well-maintained gardens, micro apartment residents can enjoy direct outdoor access and a tranquil environment. These apartments are typically found in residential neighborhoods and provide a community-oriented living experience.

Benefits: Suburban-like atmosphere, direct outdoor access, and a sense of community.
Limited availability and potential for less interior space.
Price range: $-$$

9. Studio Apartments

Studio Apartments

A studio apartment (also known as an efficiency apartment) is compact and efficient, combining living, sleeping, and dining areas into a single space. Ideal for singles or minimalist lifestyles, studios offer affordability and low maintenance. A studio or one-bedroom apartment can be found in urban areas and city centers, providing a convenient living option for those seeking a smaller footprint.

Benefits: Affordability, low maintenance, and convenience for singles or minimalist lifestyles.
Limited privacy and potential for space constraints.
Price range: $-$$

10. Duplex or Triplex Apartments

Duplex or Triplex Apartments

Duplex or triplex apartments provide multi-level living experiences similar to traditional houses with a separate room for each tenant. These apartments have separate spaces and house-like layouts, offering privacy and flexibility. They're commonly found in residential neighborhoods and cater to families or those interested in shared living arrangements.

Benefits: House-like layouts, separate spaces, privacy, and flexibility.
Potential for higher rental or purchase costs and maintenance responsibilities.
Price range: $$-$$$$

11. Converted Warehouse Apartments

Converted warehouse apartments offer an industrial ambiance with unique exteriors and open layouts. Featuring high ceilings and often found in former industrial areas, these apartments provide spaciousness and unique character. Amenities such as fitness centers and shared artist spaces contribute to the artistic vibe, attracting creative individuals.

Benefits: Unique character, spaciousness, and an artistic vibe.
Potential for noise from neighboring units and limited availability.
Price range: $$-$$$$

12. Micro-Apartments

Micro-apartments are designed for efficiency and affordability. With compact living and combined sleeping and living areas, these apartments maximize space while minimizing maintenance. Common laundry facilities and a focus on affordability make micro-apartments an attractive option in urban areas and city centers for singles seeking a minimalist living.

Benefits: Efficient and affordable living, maximizing space, and common laundry facilities.
Limited living and storage space.
Price range: $-$$

13. Basement Apartment

Basement apartments are located on the ground floor and are a unique type of housing option in many urban areas, including Chicago. While they often lack the same above-ground windows and natural light as other types of apartments, basement apartments often provide affordable living options and unique benefits.

Benefits: Affordable living options and unique features.
Limited natural light and potential for noise from above-ground activities.
Price range: $-$$

14. Alcove Studio Apartment

Alcove Studio Apartment

An alcove studio apartment is a cleverly designed space that combines the functionality of a studio with a separate sleeping area. These apartments typically feature a designated alcove that can be used as a bedroom or a semi-private sleeping area, providing a sense of separation within the open layout. Alcove studios offer versatility and efficient use of space, so they're popular for individuals or couples looking for a compact yet functional living arrangement.

Benefits: Versatile and efficient use of space, providing a sense of separation.
Limited privacy in the sleeping area.
Price range: $-$$

15. Convertible Apartment

Convertible Apartment

Convertible apartments, also known as flex apartments or convertible studios, are versatile living spaces that can be easily transformed to accommodate changing needs. These apartments usually have an open layout and allow residents to configure the space according to their preferences. Simply using temporary walls, screens, or sliding partitions enables a single large room to be divided into separate areas to create private sleeping quarters or an additional workspace.

Benefits: Versatility and adaptability to customize the space according to preferences.
Limited privacy and potential noise in shared areas.
Price range: $-$$

16. Railroad Apartment

Railroad Apartment

A railroad apartment is a unique type of apartment layout characterized by a series of rooms connected in a straight line, typically without hallways. The rooms are arranged one after another, with each room leading to the next. Railroad apartments often feature high ceilings and original architectural details. While they may lack privacy due to their layout, they offer a sense of openness and a distinct charm that other apartment units do not.

Benefits: High ceilings, original architectural details.
Limited privacy and potential noise from adjacent rooms.
Price range: $-$$$


Chicago offers a diverse range of apartment types, each with unique characteristics and benefits. From classic brownstones to modern high-rises, and vintage walk-ups to converted warehouses, there's a style of apartment that suits every preference and lifestyle. Understanding the different types of apartments is crucial for making informed decisions when searching for a place to live. Whether you're seeking a garden apartment, convertible apartment, or any other type of living space, we're here to help.

At 33 Realty, we specialize in apartment leasing services and are here to assist you in finding the perfect home. Contact us today to explore our wide selection of apartments and let us help you find your ideal Chicago living experience.

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