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Senate Bill 3066 – Proactive Tips to Take Now
May 29, 2024

Senate Bill 3066 – Proactive Tips to Take Now

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Senate Bill 3066 – Proactive Tips to Take Now

When originally introduced, SB3066 would have; locked-in an eviction moratorium until October 2021, sealed eviction court records from the public so property owners would not see the eviction case was filed between March 2020 until September 2022, disallowed proceeding with pre-COVID cases and prohibited the filing of non-payment cases until the Fall. These provisions, along with many others, would have disproportionally placed the onus on property owners.

Due in part to the collective efforts of the property owners community banning together to voice opposition of the bill, the Amended SB3066 failed to advance out of Senate after passing out of the House earlier this week. If SB3066 was passed and written into law, the provisions would have harmed property owners and tenants alike. While this news calls for cautious celebration, the likelihood that proponents will reintroduce similar legislation in the Spring remains high. Now is the time for property owners to be proactive.

“Landlord-tenant disputes can be avoided when open lines of communication exist. It is imperative for property owners to take steps now to provide tenants with viable alternatives that are productive solutions for all parties”, said Mary Gibala, Managing Director of Property Management at 33 Management.  


  • “Cash for Keys” Program for landlords to regain control of their unit and re-rent to prequalified tenants.
  • Hire a reputable property management and leasing company to vet prospects with background and financial checks.
  • Offer to shorten a lease to accomplish consensual lease termination.
  • Advise tenants that this option could be advantageous as it will absolve them from accruing back rent.
  • Offer a manageable payment plan with agreed upon terms.
  • Get creative and give tenants the opportunity to perform repairs and maintenance duties to work off their past due rents.

Although there is not a perfect solution to all situations, what is certain is that being proactive now will save time and money in the future. Contact Mary Gibala at 773.327.6146 or [email protected] for more information or with questions.

You can find more information about SB3066 here  

Click here to find contact information for your State legislators

Written by:
Drew Millard

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