Check Out Some of the Most Attractive Amenities in Multi-Family Developments

By 33 on September 20, 2017

Check Out Some of the Most Attractive Amenities in Multi-Family Developments

As a manager of many luxury buildings and amenities, 33 has seen how increased amenities are an important player in the rental marketplace.

Our Top Attractive Amenities in Multi-Family Developments


The appeal of easy online access is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Millennials expect to be online at any time and it is an added bonus when it is free of charge. In a recent Bisnow article, one of the most attractive amenities in multifamily developments is free WiFi.

Co-working spaces

The co-working internet cafe space trend continues to gain momentum as millennials are increasingly beginning to work from home, and are expected to be available around the clock. Co-working spaces provide a WeWork feel to the building community, an added bonus that makes a rental feel like “home.”

Smart technology:

Millennials love technology and expect it in all facets of their rental experience:

Fitness on Demand: 

Centrum Evanston features a fully equipped workout room dedicated to an app called Fitness on Demand that conducts an entire workout class from start to finish on a plasma screen as if you are receiving a one-on-one personal training session, yoga session or Zumba class.

Real-time web-based CTA and Uber times:

This provides tenants with up to the minute transportation data on a screen that normally is put in the mailing room and or lobby.

Resident Lounges:

A rooftop lounge or lounge area that offers a unique, birds-eye perspective on the town. Having a spot to read and unwind from a long day can be a nice apartment perk that can’t be found in any other style of living. And even a place to host your guests for BBQ, super bowl party and more.

Amenities like these make these apartments the best places to live in Chicago. Having even a few “extras” at your apartment can make a world of difference in livability.

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