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33 Realty is one of the top apartment property management companies in Chicago with over 10 years of experience in the Chicagoland market. From Lincoln Park to Boystown to Andersonville, our company owns and manages apartment properties throughout the city, catering to tenants' needs along the way and offering our services to institutional investors and other owners.

Stress-Free Apartment Property Management with 33Realty

Our apartment management company specializes in commercial properties, such as student housing, apartment homes, affordable housing, and more. We bring to the table our expertise to bring your business to its full potential thanks to our commitment to quality and the security and comfort of the residents.
Our professional team gives its full attention to your assets, so your property gains an edge against its competitors. We act as partners to your success and strive on nurturing long-lasting relationships with our clients, vendors, and the local community. Our great apartment management consultants are committed to developing an analysis based on your property's unique resources, features, and location.
Multifamily Property Management Company in Chicago, IL

Tailored Apartment Property Management Services

Our apartment building property management company aims to help your properties achieve their best possible performance. Our focus includes managing each asset according to its unique strengths and challenges. We have an eye for detail and aim to exceed your expectations by leveraging our resources and the commitment of each member of our team.

Regular Maintenance
A properly maintained property can help attract more qualified tenants. Allow our team to help your apartment building retain its value over time and help retain quality tenants.
Timely Rent Collection

Rent Collection

An in-demand service we offer is rent collection and accounting. Thanks to our secure portals and automatic payment systems, we make it easy for tenants in each unit to pay rent on time.
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Marketing is an essential factor in attracting tenants to your asset in the Chicagoland area. We use reliable and innovative marketing tactics to reach your ideal audience.
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Tenant Screening

Not everyone may be a good fit for your available units in the Chicago region. We use a reliable screening system for each lease to check credit scores, employment history, rental history, and other essential factors.
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To find out how a property manager can help you improve your properties' value and how our company has become one of the industry leaders in Greater Chicago.

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Types of Properties we Serve

Garden-Style Building Apartments

Garden-Style Building Apartments

Garden-style properties are low-rise communities established in a natural setting, including features such as trees, lawns, and so on. Residents may have access to a pool or a clubhouse. Some of them also have leasing and accounting offices onsite. We can help maintain the buildings as well as the site.
Mid-Rise Apartment Buildings

Mid-Rise Apartment Buildings

Mid-rise communities typically have four to twelve floors and are usually located in dense Chicago suburbs, such as Evanston or Oak Park. A mid-rise property may feature commercial spaces on the lower level, which our company manages as well if desired. Covered parking in the building is a standard service for residents.
Our Tenant Screening process


Our team at 33 Realty has extensive experience with Chicago apartment property management and is an asset to any community, boasting over a decade of qualified experience with apartment management. We work closely with landlords to discuss the current rental market before new listings go live, always factoring in the ebbs and flows of demand. We also help find replacement tenants for units that will soon be vacant. Our goal is to help apartment building owners maximize their return on investment and keep their properties in excellent condition through thoughtful, effective tactics.


Here are a few reasons why you should choose 33 Realty as the management company for your apartment management needs
Accurate andAuthentic Reports
A genuine passion for property management shines through our employees' interactions with all the community members every day, whether it is with the management or with the residents.
Easy Online Process
Dedicated preventative maintenance project management team to manage building repairs, upgrades, and other capital improvements to reduce excess overhead costs. We are your partners on the ground and offer our services so you stay up-to-date on the latest requirements, such as water conservation or improving sustainability.
Save Time
In-depth knowledge of the Chicago real estate market and acquired 30 years of managing properties or offering incomparable service to clients such as institutional investors or other owners, including development and construction.
Avoid Future Evictions
and transparency
Integrity and transparency are at the forefront of our services as we always work closely with clients to help them protect their investments. Our tools for management are transparent.
Maintain Investments
Stellar reputation thanks to our progressive management plans and income-producing strategies for global development assets and our community.
Maintain Investments
Our management company services buildings of all sizes and in many different areas throughout the city
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Tenant screening in Chicago is easy with 33 Realty. They find the best candidates and do a great job at managing our rental properties. They offer great service, clear communication, and smart investment advice.
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33 Realty verified our tenants in no time. With their help, we don’t have to stress about finding trustworthy renters. Their tenant screening report and professional service are truly excellent!
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Definitely the best tenant screening services in Chicago. Year after year, 33 Realty helps us find the best tenants for our residential block. Always professional and hassle-free. We recommend them to anyone needing tenant assistance.
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How much do apartment management companies charge in Chicago?

Many factors go into how much our apartment property management fees are. Generally speaking, the more actively a fund is managed, the higher the management fee. For the most accurate information, please reach out to our team directly, and we’ll be happy to put together this information for you!

Is hiring a property management company for my apartment building worth it?

Hiring a professional property manager for an apartment complex is worth every penny and it is a great option for those who want their rentals to operate like clockwork! We take care of screening tenants, communicating with tenants about concerns, decreasing turnover, saving you money, avoiding potential legal issues, and so much more! If you aren’t experienced in real estate, hiring a team like 33 Realty is an excellent decision.

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