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Tenant Screening
Tenant Screening

Tenant screening services
in Chicago,IL

Prevent eviction and property damage by hiring the best Chicago-based screening company. We offer convenient, simple, and cost-effective tenant screening services to protect your real estate investment.
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Tenant screening services in Chicago,IL

Rental Background Checks

As one of the leading tenant screening companies in Chicago, our thorough screening process ensures the highest caliber of tenants for our clients. We believe the key to protecting your real estate investment lies in securing the right tenants. Our convenient online tenant screening services help clients protect profits without risk.

We provide access to reliable reports, with everything you want to know, when and as you need it. 33 Realty’s tenant screening services save time, money, and guesswork! Our fast and efficient tenant screening services are designed to facilitate informed and confident leasing decisions that maximize the bottom line.
Our Tenant Screening process

Our Tenant Screening process

We follow a stringent screening process that includes thorough background, credit, and character checks on each applicant to assess whether they can fulfill the terms of the lease and take adequate care of your rental property. We develop customized rental applications that comply with local law to ensure a democratic screening process.

Our tenant screening background check includes ID and income verification, credit scores checks, previous tenant history reviews, and accessing other vital information such as criminal records. Through the process, we seek to determine if the applicant is trustworthy, of good character, and can afford to stay on your property.

Why our clients think that we OFFER THE best tenant screening services in Chicago

Accurate andAuthentic Reports
Accurate and
Authentic Reports
We supply complete and accurate credit, criminal, eviction, and financial reports to provide comprehensive reports of prospective tenants.
Easy Online Process
Easy Online
Landlords can screen applicants at their convenience on their computers, phones, or tablets.
Save Time
Save Time
We provide the most promising candidates, so no time is squandered on unnecessary paperwork or reviewing unsuitable applicants.
Avoid Future Evictions
Avoid Future
Our thorough tenant screening services pairs landlords with renters who have a credible track record of paying on time and keeping properties in good shape.
Maintain Investments
We offer the best tenant screening services in Chicago by finding suitable tenants who appreciate property value.
Greater Convenience
Our online portal delivers fast results, simplifying the application and review processes for everyone involved.
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Tenant screening in Chicago is easy with 33 Realty. They find the best candidates and do a great job at managing our rental properties. They offer great service, clear communication, and smart investment advice.
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33 Realty verified our tenants in no time. With their help, we don’t have to stress about finding trustworthy renters. Their tenant screening report and professional service are truly excellent!
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Definitely the best tenant screening services in Chicago. Year after year, 33 Realty helps us find the best tenants for our residential block. Always professional and hassle-free. We recommend them to anyone needing tenant assistance.
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What should I look for in a tenant screening?

A tenant screening checklist should include credit score, background and eviction checks, employment history, current income, landlord references, reasons for leaving previous residencies, and a clear idea of lifestyle choices and general demeanor. A credible track record and solid character references are indications of a reliable tenant.

Can you be evicted in Illinois right now?

Yes, but landlords cannot evict a tenant or force them to vacate the property without probable cause. As long as a tenant does not violate any rules, it is within their right to stay until their rental period legally ends.

How much is tenant screening in Chicago?

Average tenant screening services vary in price depending on the range of information required and the number of tenants screened. If you let us know your requirements [insert link], we can happily provide you with a quote.

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