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Rental Verification: What Is It?
December 14, 2022

Rental Verification: What Is It?

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Rental Verification: What Is It?

As a landlord or property owner, it’s essential to know how to provide proof of rental history for each tenant. Tenant screening, or determining a tenant’s quality, is often done through the rental verification process. Checking out what previous landlords have to say about your prospective tenant is a great way to find out how they will act as your tenant.

Below is an easy rental verification guide to follow for your next tenant.

What Is Rental Verification?

So, what is rental verification exactly? As mentioned above, it’s when a landlord contacts a prospective tenant’s previous landlord to verify their rental history. In other words, background checks and credit checks only go so far — talking to a previous landlord will give you a better idea of how high-quality and reliable your future tenant is.  

Why Does Rental History Verification Matter?

Rental history verification is important because it will help you determine your prospective tenant’s character. Firstly, you will know whether your tenant was truthful in their application; if the tenant did lie, it might indicate their lack of trustworthiness and you may not want them on your property.

Additionally, you’ll have a good idea regarding their payment habits, maintenance requests, and their behavior towards the landlord and potentially other tenants. All this information will give you a better idea if this tenant is the kind of person you want on your property.

How to Verify a Prospective Tenant’s Rental History

Verifying tenant rental history can be done in one of two ways. You can either get a reference, meaning getting the potential tenant’s previous landlord’s contact information directly from them through a rental application, or you can try special software.

Ask For a Rental Application

If you’re wondering what is a rental verification form, it’s essentially an opportunity to get your prospective tenant’s previous landlords’ contact information. Requesting the previous landlord’s info will allow you to send them a form/questionnaire with specific questions regarding the tenant.

Review the Landlord’s Answers to Your Questions


After the previous landlord sends you the answers to your questions, review them carefully. They will tell you how honest the tenant was in their application, the tenant’s quality, and whether you will need to inquire further.

Contact the Landlord Directly

If you do feel like you have further questions based on the answers in the landlord questionnaire, you can always reach out to the landlord directly. This is another opportunity to get even more information regarding the tenant's history.

What to Ask in a Rental Verification Form

There is no point in contacting your future tenant’s previous landlord if you don’t ask the right questions. Below are the top questions to include in the questionnaire on the rental verification form.

  1. Did this applicant rent from you?
  2. Did the tenant pay their rent on time?
  3. Did the tenant leave the unit clean and in good order?
  4. Did the tenant take care of the unit?
  5. Were there any complaints about this tenant (noise or issues) from other tenants?
  6. Did the tenant violate any terms of their rental agreement?
  7. Would you ever rent to this tenant again?

Asking these questions as part of your rent verification will help ensure the prospective tenant is one that you would want living in your building. You will get a better understanding of their character, their quirks, and any other potential issues.


Rental verification is a simple step in the leasing process that will undoubtedly save you time, money, and many headaches in the long run. Their previous landlords are a great source of information regarding your possible tenant, and with their experience, you can feel more confident in their reliability and care.

If you are worried about finding the right tenants for your property, consider turning to an expert real estate company to take the job off your hands. The professionals at 33 Realty have the experience and knowledge of the industry to help you tackle any leasing issue that. Contact us at 33 Realty today!

Written by:
Mary Gibala
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