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33 Paints Lincoln Park High School
May 29, 2024

33 Paints Lincoln Park High School

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33 Paints Lincoln Park High School

Today three of 33’s finest lent a helping hand (and paintbrush) to the local effort in Lincoln Park to help promote Lincoln Park High School as one of the city’s top options.

The initiative was organized and lead by 43rd Ward Alderman Michele Smith. The goal, to brighten up the tired walls of the local high school named “The most academically challenging high school in Chicago” and ranked third  in the state of Illinois by the Washington Post.

The initiative received $12,000 in donation money for paint and supplies and a slew of volunteers, including three of 33’s maintenance personelle, Eamonn, Mark and Emannuel. The three lead other volunteers in preparing the classrooms for fresh paint, sanding away the previous paint and taping trim to ensure the new paint has the power to last for years to come.

Lincoln Park High School

After prep was completed, volunteers started the multi-level and color design scheme thought up by a local interior designer who volunteered her expertise. Burnt sienna was applied to the first floor, blue for the second floor and emerald green finished off the third floor.

Special thanks to Eamonn, Mark and Emmanuel for their efforts today.

Click here to read more about the Repainting of LPHS.

Written by:
Rick Storck
Cubed Construction

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