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Success in commercial real estate requires specific expertise and hands-on experience. At 33 Realty, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with managing commercial properties in Chicago and Cook County. We offer comprehensive commercial property management services tailored to meet the needs of property owners, investors, and tenants. With 14 years of experience and a deep understanding of the Chicago commercial real estate market, we're committed to maximizing both the value and profitability of your commercial assets.

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Commercial Property Management

We Serve the Whole of Cook County in Illinois, Including:

Chicago, Northside, IL
Oak Park, IL
Arlington Heights, IL
Evanston, IL
Des Plaines, Cook, IL
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Our Commercial Property Management Services

Here are some of the services that we offer at 33 Realty. We're experts in Chicago's dynamic commercial real estate market and always maximize your property's value.

Property Assessment and Analysis

Our team of experts conducts detailed assessments of your commercial property to discover areas for improvement and optimize rental rates. We analyze market trends and competitor properties to develop a strategic plan to enhance performance.

Rent Collection

Is your office space struggling to collect timely rent? We have a streamlined rent collection process to collect hassle-free payments from your tenants. Our automated systems and diligent follow-ups reduce arrears and improve cash flow for your commercial property.
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Tenant Acquisition and Retention

Finding the right tenants is key in commercial real estate. We use effective marketing strategies to attract high-quality tenants for your commercial property. Our team uses a rigorous screening process to find reliable occupants and tenant retention programs. This allows us to foster long-term relationships while minimizing vacancies.

Lease Management and Administration

Our team of experts handles all aspects of lease management and administration. From drafting and negotiating leases to rent adjustments and renewals, we ensure compliance with legal requirements while protecting your interests.
Read more about Tenant Screening

Financial Management and Reporting

Transparency is key in our financial management approach. We provide accurate and comprehensive financial reports, including income statements and expense summaries. Our budgeting strategies optimize property cash flow.

Maintenance and Property Upkeep

Proactive maintenance allows us to preserve your commercial property's condition and prevent costly repairs. Trust that our 24/7 response team will promptly address maintenance requests and emergencies to ensure tenant satisfaction and retention.

Property Marketing and Branding

Stand out in the competitive market with our tailored property marketing and branding solutions. We utilize cutting-edge strategies to enhance your property's visibility and attract potential tenants. This drives higher demand and occupancy rates.
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Commercial Properties We Manage

Our professional Chicago commercial property managers specialize in overseeing light industrial properties. From warehouses to manufacturing facilities, we ensure efficient operations, tenant satisfaction, and compliance with industry-specific regulations, maximizing the property's potential for growth and profitability.
We have a keen understanding of the retail market, allowing us to expertly manage retail strip centers. Our focus on tenant mix, foot traffic optimization, and lease administration results in vibrant and thriving retail spaces that attract a diverse range of tenants and drive business success.
We excel in managing gym facilities and understand the unique needs of this industry. Our tailored solutions cover maintenance, safety compliance, and member satisfaction, creating an ideal environment for gym operators and members alike.
Our experienced team handles all aspects of managing smaller office complexes and buildings. From lease negotiations to tenant relations and property maintenance, we deliver a professional experience that fosters a productive and positive work environment for your tenants.
Managing a scattered-site portfolio in Chicago requires expertise in handling diverse properties across multiple locations. We offer commercial property management services that optimize the performance of scattered-site portfolios to provide efficient maintenance, tenant acquisition, and financial reporting. With our team, your property will reach its maximum potential.
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Why Choose 33 Realty for Chicago Commercial Property Management?

Accurate andAuthentic Reports
Local Market Expertise
Our years of experience in the Chicago real estate market enable us to understand its nuances and opportunities.
Easy Online Process
Tailored Solutions
Our commercial property management services are customized to meet your needs and goals.
Save Time
Proven Track Record
We have a successful history of maximizing property value and profitability for our clients.
Avoid Future Evictions
Comprehensive Services
From tenant acquisition to financial reporting to operating expenses, we handle every aspect of property management seamlessly.
Maintain Investments
Cost-Effective Solutions
We optimize expenses and budgets to enhance cash flow and increase ROI.
Greater Convenience
Proactive Maintenance
Our team implements proactive maintenance programs to preserve property conditions and minimize downtime.

Meet 33 Realty Professionals

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Angel Kristine Hilario
Junior Property Manager
Angel Kristine Hilario
Angelique Jackson
Senior Property Manager
Angelique Jackson
Asenath Duron
Scattered-Site Property Manager Floater
Asenath Duron
Ashton Weaver
Quality Control Inspector
Ashton Weaver
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Tenant screening in Chicago is easy with 33 Realty. They find the best candidates and do a great job at managing our rental properties. They offer great service, clear communication, and smart investment advice.
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33 Realty verified our tenants in no time. With their help, we don’t have to stress about finding trustworthy renters. Their tenant screening report and professional service are truly excellent!
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Definitely the best tenant screening services in Chicago. Year after year, 33 Realty helps us find the best tenants for our residential block. Always professional and hassle-free. We recommend them to anyone needing tenant assistance.
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What is commercial property management and what services does it entail?

Commercial property management involves overseeing and maintaining income-generating properties such as office buildings, retail centers, industrial spaces, and more. Services include tenant acquisition, lease administration, financial reporting, property maintenance, compliance, and marketing.

Why should I consider hiring a professional commercial property management company?

Hiring a professional commercial property management company means you'll get expert management, efficient operations, and tenant satisfaction. Companies like ours handle complexities like lease negotiations, legal compliance, and maintenance, freeing property owners from day-to-day responsibilities.

How can commercial property management benefit property owners and investors?

The benefits are extensive! Commercial property management maximizes property value, attracts quality tenants, reduces vacancies, and optimizes cash flow. Experienced management increases the property's desirability, leading to better returns and long-term appreciation.

How does commercial property management differ from residential property management?

Commercial property management involves managing properties used for business purposes, while residential management deals with rental homes and apartments. Commercial management requires more extensive lease negotiations, maintenance, and legal considerations.

What are the responsibilities of a commercial property manager?

Commercial property managers handle tenant relations, rent collection, lease negotiations, property maintenance, budgeting, financial reporting, marketing, compliance, and overall property performance optimization.

How does a commercial property management company handle tenant screening and leasing?

Property management companies conduct thorough tenant screenings, including background checks, credit evaluations, and rental history verification. They handle lease agreements, negotiate terms, and make sure the process is legally compliant.

What measures does a commercial property management company take to maintain and improve the property's condition?

They establish proactive maintenance programs, conduct regular inspections, and respond promptly to repair requests. They ensure the property remains in excellent condition, reducing potential risks and liabilities.

How does commercial property management ensure compliance with local laws and regulations?

Commercial property managers stay updated on local laws and regulations governing commercial properties. They help the property comply with safety codes, zoning laws, ADA requirements, and other legal obligations.

Can a commercial property management company help with financial reporting and budgeting for the property?

Yes, commercial property management companies provide detailed financial reporting, including income statements, balance sheets, and expense summaries. They also help with budgeting to optimize cash flow and increase profitability.

How can commercial property management companies assist with maximizing the return on investment (ROI) for property owners?

Commercial property management companies use strategic tenant acquisition and retention strategies to minimize vacancies and maintain high occupancy rates. They optimize expenses, implement value-added improvements, and proactively manage the property to enhance ROI for property owners.

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