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Drew grew up in Orion, a farming town in western Illinois. Here, he established a small-town work ethic, a sense of community, and a positive outlook on life. Drew earned degrees in civil and environmental engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, still in touch with his rural roots. After his time at UIUC, Drew earned his Professional Engineering License while serving as an engineering consultant at AECOM. During his time at the firm, he contributed his construction and design skills to large roadway projects including Lakeshore Drive (Chicago, IL) and the I-55/I-64 interchange (St. Louis, Missouri). After reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by R. Kiyosaki, Drew caught the real estate bug. For the next four years Drew would work as an engineer during the day and forming what would be 33 Realty in his leisure time. Now, after 33’s launch in 2009, Drew concentrates heavily on company strategy, vision, infrastructure, and company culture. Outside of work Drew loves spending time with his family and friends; he coaches his two children in multiple sports and remains an active contributor in his community.

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