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construction in chicago

Cubed Construction is a Chicago-based general contractor and construction manager. We specialize in the renovation and adaptive reuse of multifamily and mixed-use buildings, along with retail and office build-outs. We can execute up to 50 apartment renovations per month, handle any size gut renovation project from design to occupancy and build-to-suit retail and office spaces up to 15,000 square feet.  


Cubed Construction evolved out of the property management, leasing and brokerage divisions at 33 Realty. Our clients were regularly seeking construction solutions for their buildings and were having a hard time finding reliable contractors. They wanted a GC that could execute a project on time and within budget, but also one that could add value from planning through execution.  We’re able to offer unique value b/c we have proprietary leasing, management and brokerage data our competitors can’t access. We assist in floorplanning to maximize lease rates, conceptualize amenity space to meet current tenant demands and help our clients identify opportunities to repurpose or convert their buildings to achieve highest and best use.
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How much does a typical renovation cost?

There are many factors that weigh into the cost of a renovation. We have it broken out into some simple guidelines to make it easier to run your proformas quickly. A heavy unit turn which would include kitchens, floors, bathrooms and paint is estimated to be around 20-25K per unit. A gut renovation of a building which would include leaving the main structure, windows and roof in place runs approximately 100-120K per unit. A gut renovation with new windows, roof and porches runs approximately 150-175K per unit. Another way to calculate the estimated cost of a gut renovation project is to figure a cost of about $180-$200 per sq. ft.

Will the city allow us to turn this building into residential units?

The city is allowing a lot of dilapidated buildings to be zoned for residential spaces. Cubed is becoming the premier leader in the adaptive reuse market.

What should I do with this old building that has been vacant?

There are many options for old buildings that have been sitting vacant for several years. We can help you analyze these options and determine the best course of action to revitalize your older properties.

What type of projects do you typically do?

We handle high-volume unit renovations from 25-300 units, adaptive reuse construction, and multifamily/commercial projects.
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