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Rent Concessions: Everything Property Owners Need to Know
July 13, 2022
Are you interested: what is a rent concession? This is a kind of compromise that a real estate manager can make.
Why You Should Consider Long Distance Real Estate Investing
July 8, 2022
A rental property can preserve wealth, grow in value, and produce rental income all at the same time.
12 Essential Rental Documents Landlords Should Have
July 7, 2022
Even a standard residential lease is going to involve multiple documents, ranging from a rental application to a lease agreement.
Types Of Rental Lease Agreements You Should Know
June 1, 2022
Leases outline the obligations and rights of both the tenant(s) and the landlord. Let’s delve into the types of rental lease agreements!
Condo vs Apartment: What’s the Difference?
May 30, 2022
Many first-time homebuyers gravitate towards condos for their first venture into homeownership. How do you know if a condo is right for you?
The Difference Between Net Effective Rent vs. Gross Rent
May 27, 2022
Searching for rentals but still don’t know about the difference between net effective rent and gross rent. Let's read our article!
Rental Verification: What Is It?
May 11, 2022
How can landlords the rental verification process? From our post, you’ll can to learn how to take a look into a potential tenant’s history.
Can a Landlord Change a Lease Agreement?
March 2, 2022
This article breaks down when landlords are allowed to change the lease and how tenants can protect themselves.
Do Landlords Have to Clean Between Tenants In Illinois?
March 2, 2022
Landlords in Illinois are not required by law to clean between tenants, but it's always a good idea to do so anyway. Here's why!
Rental Ledger: A Complete Guide for Landlords
February 28, 2022
If you're a landlord in Chicago, you need to be using a rental ledger to keep track of your expenses and revenue.
How to Do a Background Check on a Potential Tenant
January 23, 2022
Are you a landlord choosing tenants? Read our guide to collecting applicant information.
How To Find a Good Property Management Company: 14 Best Tips and Strategies
October 14, 2021
Learn our brief guide on how to find a property manager that should help you avoid common hiring pitfalls!
What Does a Property Manager Do, and Do I Need One?
October 13, 2021
Considering hiring a property manager or wonder how do property management companies work? Keep on reading our blog post to learn it.
Property Tax Reassessments
June 10, 2019
What is Property Tax Reassessment? What Owners Need To Understand Sweeping changes are underway in the Cook County’s Assessor’s Office...
What is Rent Control & How It Could Affect Apartment Building Owners
April 23, 2019
What is Rent Control? Rent control is when governmental agencies set the rent thresholds or control the amount of rent increases...
Tips for Finding a Property Manager for Your Chicago Rentals
June 24, 2017
According to the United State Census Bureau, the population of Chicago is approximately 2.7 million, which means one thing...
How to Choose a Real Estate Broker
January 24, 2022
Planning a real estate deal? Find out how to choose the right broker or real estate agent.
6 Reasons to Hire a Property Management Company
February 24, 2021
If you’re a property owner, you probably know how demanding managing your investment can be. Enlisting the services of a reputable...
What you need to know about Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)
February 11, 2021
Do you know that you may be able to add units to your property and create additional income? What is an ADU?..
7 Tips to Safely Secure a New Apartment Lease During the COVID Pandemic
January 27, 2021
The pandemic has changed many aspects of life as we once knew it, but with the vaccine here and hope on the horizon, there are brighter...
Senate Bill 3066 – Proactive Tips to Take Now
January 14, 2021
When originally introduced, SB3066 would have; locked-in an eviction moratorium until October 2021, sealed eviction court records from...
CIC’s Annual Neighborhood Forum
June 17, 2019
Earlier this month several members from our investment brokerage team attended Community Investment Corporation*(CIC)’s annual...
Transit-Oriented Developments
November 1, 2018
Transit-oriented developments (TODs) are popping up all over Chicagoland. Here is what you need to know about them.
REIA Multi-Family State of the Chicago Market
May 22, 2018
Thursday we attended the Chicago Real Estate Investment Association event where the multi-family state of the Chicago market was discussed.
What is Rent Abatement?
February 2, 2017
Rent abatement is a provision that may be included in a commercial or residential property lease. It entitles the tenant to suspend rent...
Women’s History Month
March 16, 2021
Celebrating Outstanding Women-Owned Businesses in Chicago March is National Women’s History Month. 2020 marked the centennial...
Expanding Our Benefit Package
May 14, 2019
Earlier this year, 33 Realty and our sister company Cubed Construction officially rolled out a new employee benefit – paid-time off for...
33 Realty continues giving with Marines’ Toys for Tots
December 21, 2018
For the third consecutive year, 33 Realty and Cubed Construction registered as a drop-off site for the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for...
33 Realty donates 215 Pounds of Food to Local Pantry
December 4, 2018
With a company dollar match, 33 was able to help 55 families in North Side Chicago. During the month of November, 33 Realty and Cubed...
Holiday Mail Tips: Package Theft Prevention
November 28, 2018
Package theft is a common crime that spikes during the holidays. Though the winter season is a celebratory time of compassion and...
33 Realty Earns AMO Designation
November 14, 2018
33 Realty Earns AMO Designation 33 Realty is pleased to announce we have earned Accredited Management Organization (AMO) status...
Rejournals’ Deconstructing Condo Deconversion Conference
October 23, 2018
Members of the 33 Realty Investment Brokerage team attended Rejournals’ Deconstructing Condo Deconversion Conference held last Thursday...
33 Realty supports ALGH & the ADSC
October 15, 2018
This past weekend 33 Realty and Cubed Construction attended the Advocate Lutheran General Hospital’s Third Annual Fundraising Event...
What You Need to Know About Buying a Foreclosed Home
January 19, 2022
Buying a foreclosure home can be a good investment. Find out how the process is built and what to fear
How to Find Distressed Real Estate — 9 Tips for Investors
November 24, 2021
Finding distressed properties can be lucrative, but you have to know where to look. Here’s how.
Chicago’s Opportunity Zones
January 22, 2019
What is an Opportunity Zone? The IRS defines Opportunity Zones as areas within a community that are economically distressed.
Chicago’s Opportunity Zones by the Numbers
January 2, 2019
Over 600 real estate professionals including several members of 33 Realty’s investment brokerage team attended Bisnow’s Chicago...
33 “Drops and Gives 10”
September 23, 2015
33 proudly supports the Children of Fallen Patriot’s Foundation by participating in the “Drop and Give me 10 Challenge”
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